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The Weekly Word: Our all-knowing God

By The Rev. Daniel Larson, Pastor, Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church / Spiritual Care Counselor, Hospice of North Iowa

How many of us have encountered a “Mr. Know-it-all”? You can’t have a normal conversation with a Mr. Know-it-all. He wants to interrupt every sentence, because he feels he knows better than anyone else on every subject.

Consequently, we don’t like know-it-alls. We appreciate people who will admit, “I don’t know.” Yet, we also want experts who will tell us, “This is what you need to do.”

The Rev. Daniel Larson
The Rev. Daniel Larson

We realize that one person cannot be an expert in every subject. Nobody can “know it all.”

But, there is someone who does know it all! This is something one of Jesus’ followers had to admit.

Peter said: “Lord, you know all things.” (John 21:17) However, wasn’t Jesus just a man like all of us? Peter understood. Peter was talking to Jesus after His resurrection.

Can an ordinary person do that? How could Jesus rise from the grave after the brutal treatment He endured on the cross? Yet, Peter knew. He knew that Jesus is true God and true man. As God, Jesus knows all things.

Does that fact comfort you, or scare you? Peter felt scared that Jesus knew he had denied Him three times. Peter wanted some comfort from that fear.

Jesus also knew how to forgive. He knew His death paid for even Peter’s sins. Jesus also knows every evil thought that comes from our hearts as well.

He knows every secret sin that burdens our conscience. He has the knowledge that can condemn us before God. And Jesus also knows that He has come to rescue us from that condemnation.

At this time of year, high school graduates are being honored for their accomplishments and for the knowledge they have attained over the years.

Likewise, we want to honor Jesus for His all-knowing, all-encompassing knowledge. Thank God that you can say with Peter: “Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you.” (John 21:17)

We invite you to worship with us at Cross Lutheran Church in order to gain some more knowledge about your Savior.