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The Weekly Word: God is still in control

By Pastor Matt Howlett, First Baptist Church, Charles City

“Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since he judges even the highest?”

— Job 21:22

By the time the above verse was spoken by Job, he was a man of greatness who had lost it all. Job had the finest lands. He had huge herds of animals all around him and an abundance of hands to tend to all of them.

Yet, in just a few minutes it was all taken away from him — his lands destroyed, all his animals stolen and his workers murdered. After all this loss the worst is yet to come as Job’s children are all killed in a horrible storm.

The Weekly Word: God is still in control
Pastor Matt Howlett, First Baptist Church

Job then questions his friends and he is continually confused by the reasons for his suffering and the inadequate answers they were giving him.

Life can often be confusing for us. We continue to be in the midst of difficult and challenging times. Before one crisis can even be resolved a new one begins. Many people within our very own community are struggling in a variety of ways as our nation and world deal with a variety of disasters, crises and a virus which we continue to struggle with getting under control.

Questions are natural, and confusion is to be expected in times such as these.

Why doesn’t life get any easier when we become followers of Christ? Why do we live in a world where so many good and Godly people suffer?

Over the last several months three pastor friends of mine have been stricken with extremely difficult illnesses and one has passed away, yet so many wicked people seem to be getting ahead in this world. Where is the justice in all of this?

While it is difficult to see it some days, life actually is immensely easier when we have Jesus Christ to rely upon for our strength and support.

Every crisis and bit of chaos is felt by people of faith and people of no faith. Fortunately for those of us who have trusted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we can know and trust that he is our ever-present guide in times of struggle. He will carry us through. It is he that makes our burdens light.

As difficult as these days can be at times, how much more so would they be if we did not have the truth of Jesus Christ to guide us through? We have a hope and a promise. We have strength in the darkness and the assurance that brighter days are yet to come.

We must acknowledge, as Job does, that we are very confused by what is going on in the world. We do not have all the answers and God may not reveal all the answers to us on this side of Heaven.

Yet despite all of this, God is still in control. God does still have a plan and brighter days are yet to come.

While there are many struggles and bumps in the road, we have the promise that it will be worth it, and in the end, God does win!

Stay strong and remain close to the Father of all comfort.