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Game No. 6: If You Expect a Tie, Write “Tie”

Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ City: _______________________ State: __________ Zip: ___________ Phone: __________________________

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There is no age limit to who can play. Employees of the Press and their immediate families are ineligible for any prizes. All entries must be cut along the dotted lines and dropped off by Friday, December 28th by 5pm. or postmarked by Wednesday. Mail entries to Charles City Press, 801 Riverside Dr., Charles City, IA 50616 or email them to Please type in College Bowl Challenge in the subject header and type in the teams you want to win and a score for the tiebreaker. Have the highest winning percentage of the week, and you win a Comet Football Card. No photocopies are accepted. Please circle all picks, including the team to win in the tiebreaker. Winners will be notified in the following week’s Press.

Game No. 4: Game No. 10: TIe BReaKeR

Game No. 5: Game No. 11: