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Parked cars cause visible problem


Parked cars cause visible problem

Dear Readers: Today’s SOUND OFF is about vehicles parked on the street.

Janice wrote: “In many neighborhoods, people use their garages for storage, parking their cars in the driveway or street. Parked cars reduce visibility and create a hazard for children playing and riding bicycles. Cars left outside invite vandalism and burglary.

“I’d like to suggest that people make an effort to clean out their garages, rent a storage unit and return garages to their intended purpose of parking cars.”

— Janice in San Antonio

This can be a problem and a safety issue, as you stated.

In many areas, cars are not supposed to be parked on the street overnight or for an extended length of time.

— Heloise

FAST FACTS Dear Readers: Question: What can you teach a young learner with a bag of differentcolored chocolate coated candies?

1) Sort by color.

2) Count each color separately and add up to find a total.

3) Guess the next color(s) in a sequence of colors. Line them up, light to dark or by colors: yellow, orange, red.

4) Which group has more?

Less? How much more? How much less?

5) Take away a color group and determine how many are left.

Math can be fun if you make it so and start “playing” with your children when they are young.

— Heloise

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