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Two Charles City students test positive for COVID-19

By James Grob,

Two students in the Charles City School District have tested positive for COVID-19, the district reported on Tuesday.

The district learned Tuesday morning that a student at Carrie Lane High School had tested positive for the virus, then later learned that a student in 11th grade at Charles City High School has also tested positive.

The district received notification of the positive tests from Floyd County Public Health. The district said there is currently no evidence to indicate the individuals contracted COVID while at school.

Per the district’s established protocol, all areas of the buildings that the individuals used in the past several days have been temporarily closed off so the areas can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The district stated that it was cooperating with the department of health and “will take the steps necessary to protect the health of our school family.”

Classes for Carrie Lane High School resumed Tuesday morning. Although the student at Carrie Lane had no impact on any athletics or activities, the 11th-grade student is also on the CCHS football team. Football practice was canceled on Tuesday to allow Floyd County Public Health more time to contact trace. The player was not at school on Monday or Tuesday.

Classes in the Charles City School District opened for the 2020-21 school year last Thursday. The district is on a “hybrid” return plan, which includes some on-site learning and some remote learning from home. Elementary students are attending class in the buildings while students in the high school and middle school are dividing time between on-site and at-home learning.

The district stated that if a student has been within six feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more, the district’s customer service team will call the student’s family with more details. The family should also expect a phone call from Floyd County Public Health.

The individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be allowed to return to school once they are 24 hours with no fever and symptoms are improving, and 10 days since symptoms started. If there are no symptoms, the students can return 10 days from the day of test. The campus attendance office will monitor the return date.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the regular seasonal influenza and include fever, coughing, shortness of breath and loss of taste or smell. Some have reported additional symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, new runny nose/congestion, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.