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Newly elected Floyd County Medical Center Board of Trustees sworn in

By Bob Steenson,

By coincidence, the two newest members of the Floyd County Medical Center Board of Trustees will be among those with the shortest initial terms.

All seven members of the board were elected for the first time in the election earlier this month. Prior to then the members of the board guiding the medical center had been appointed by the county Board of Supervisors.

But when voters approved changing the organizational charter for the medical center in 2019, so that the board can authorize the collection of property taxes to help support the medical center, they also changed the manner in which the members of the board are selected.

Five prior board members and two newcomers were elected Nov. 3, but in order that the entire board isn’t up for election every four years, Iowa law requires that about half of the board members serve only two year terms on this initial board.

At the Board of Trustees regular monthly meeting Monday evening, Floyd County Auditor Gloria Carr was on hand to administer the oath of office to the newly elected board members, and to oversee the random draw that decided which members will serve full four-year terms and which will serve for two years.

Results of the draw were:

  • Four-year terms — Ron James, Mary Jo Lacour and Randy Heitz.
  • Two-year terms — Amanda McCarty, Cheryl Erb, Viva Boerschel and Sharon Enabit.

Boerschel and Enabit are the two new members of the board, replacing two previously appointed members who decided not to run for election.

Any of the board members may seek additional full four-year terms after their first elected term is up, as there are no term limits on the position.