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Floyd County approves elected officials’ salaries

By Bob Steenson, 

Salary increases for Floyd County elected officials were made official Tuesday as county supervisors finished work on the fiscal year 2019-20 budget.

The supervisors approved increases that had been recommended in December by the county conservation board.

Under Iowa law, a compensation board composed of members selected by county elected officials comes up with a recommendation for the pay level for those officials.

The compensation board is tasked to come up with a salary recommendation taking into consideration pay rates for comparable jobs in the public and private sectors.

Supervisors can accept those recommendations or reduce every office’s pay recommendation by an equal percentage. They cannot approve a pay increase greater than the compensation board’s recommendation.

The compensation board recommended pay increases ranging from 2.61 percent for the county supervisors to 4.82 percent for the county attorney, based primarily on where those offices rank among similar offices in other counties in the state, especially counties about Floyd’s population size.

The salaries approved by the supervisors Tuesday are:

Supervisors $38,312 $1,000 $39,312 +2.61%
Sheriff $86,504 $2,500 $89,004 +2.89%
Auditor $65,132 $2,000 $67,132 +3.07%
Treasurer $64,913 $2,000 $66,913 +3.08%
Recorder $64,913 $2,000 $66,913 +3.08%
Attorney $99,562 $4,800 $104,362 +4.82%


The pay increases will take effect with the new budget year July 1. Most other non-unionized Floyd County employees also received 3 percent pay increases effective with the new fiscal year.