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War between Worlds


Flames arise loud cries of ammunition ring from every aspect of fear that now strikes you dead you fall, you fall like a plane as it crashes like a city when it crumbles don’t you dare think that for one second we would be humble you took out our ships. bomb after bomb you can still hear the screams haunting they’re haunting you in the back of your head.

Invasions begin you can try to hide but you will not win set fire to your home take everything you own Berlin Walls be built up walk me down your road march and we march left right Left Lines please stand in lines come follow me to this room take in the fumes Zyklon B will be the death of you There is no escaping

You can not find peace here Dani(Tick Tock) Dani(Tick Tock) Dani(Tick Tock) Hashiru (Run!) you here shouted from down below the flames are so bright it fascinates my eyes your marvelous cities were once there and now vanish watch them as they disappear before your eyes.

smoke fills the auburn skies.

ash covers the air the only emotion you feel now is despair Rage and we rage on Wars we fight but have not won For there is no winning our countries will keep fighting because until we find better peace War rests within you and me

By Maria Feller