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LETTER: Support change, cast your ballot for Brown

By Randy and Marilyn Heitz   |   Charles City
While some have already cast their ballots, we encourage those remaining voters to cast your vote in the Senate 26 race for Waylon Brown!
Voters have an opportunity to support change! We appreciate Waylon and the energy he has put into this campaign. He stands for priorities that are in line with what we believe.  His desires to serve our district are admirable! He has worked very hard to get to know the district by knocking on over 25,000 doors!
Waylon’s family exemplifies a common North-central Iowa family: two-person income, he is a farmer and construction business owner with employees to manage. He has two lower elementary age children. He is active in his church. He is not only committed to this position; he is sacrificing much to serve all of the district.
Thank you, Waylon, for your dedication to our district!  And also thanks to your wife and family for their support throughout the process of becoming a candidate and what is to come!
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