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Food for thought about CC School Board decisions

By David Payne, Charles City

In his column of 11/15/2016 Mr. Chris Baldus brought up some very interesting points that should be of concern to all affected taxpayers in this area.

I have wondered why the School Board is so bent on building a new bus barn next to the new middle and the high school. I ask: What is the reason that makes it so imperative to have the bus barn at the school complex when the old college grounds could have a new building there. Part of that square block is used by the marching band for practice for a short time and it doesn’t seem to have any other activities during the school year.

They just had to build a new middle school and now still have to maintain and pay the utilities of the old building on North Grand.

I am amazed that the board sees fit to spend money on purchasing land to build a sports complex somewhere else in the city. At the same time in a move to save money they cut the swim team and will probably want to build a new swimming pool and theater if they can sell the building on North Grand.

I have gone to the elementary and high school vocal concerts in the old auditorium and enjoyed them. For several reasons, 1) being that it has seating, view and acoustics that are much better than you can ever get while seated in folding chairs or on the bleachers in a gymnasium, 2) going to live plays being performed by the students are much more enjoyable for the same reasons.

How did your students ever survive and learn how to be productive citizens before the new high school building was built?

Now with decreasing enrollment the School Board wants to keep spending money on buildings that are probably only going to last 40 years before they need major repairs or replacement.

The building at 500 North Grand is approximately 84 years old. I remember that during the deliberations the engineering firm told the School Board that the building was built so well that it could possibly be used for other 100 years. I ask, is that due diligence we expect from our elected officials?

Many of you live in houses that are older than the North Grand building. Oh, I forget that you probably maintain your house as needed and when needed. It sure must be nice to be able to spend other people’s money just to get your name on the bronze plaque.