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Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Charles City for hospitality to group

By Gretchen Hintz Wronka, Bloomington, Minnesota

Recently six members of the Hintz/ Wronka family visited Charles City. Accompanying us were seven visitors from Italy.

John Burbridge’s article in the 8/4/17 Press described our “pilgrimage.” We all appreciated John’s interest in our search and his very accurate, well-written description of the trek.

During our short stay, Elaine Mead, Floyd County History Museum, gave us an excellent overview of the Museum’s Woodcraft Council archives. She and other staff also answered many questions about the entire museum.

Our Italian friends were fascinated by the tractor collection and other interesting artifacts. We spent over two hours enjoying the exhibits — a slice of Iowa history.

As described in Burbridge’s article, Ms. Mead had tracked down the Hintz farm. They were tenants, so census data hadn’t been helpful. The current owner, Leroy Rover, was hospitable in true Iowa fashion. We enjoyed hearing his farming stories as he showed us around.

Dr. Dan Cox, school superintendent, graciously opened the old high school, leading a lively, descriptive tour of this beautiful building where my father, Loren Hintz, was a member of its firstgraduating class in 1936.

It was easy to imagine Dad’s awe at starting high school in a brand new state-of-the-art building after going to a small country school. The visitors were intrigued with every nook and cranny. We all appreciated Dr. Cox’s taking the time to host us. Pictures abound!

We spent some solemn moments at the beautifully designed war memorial before heading to my home town, New Hampton.

Thank you Charles City. Our visitors were so glad to give Iowa a try!