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Letter to the Editor: Opposes plan to switch to totes for garbage

By Rick Holm, Charles City

(Regarding recent City Notes column by Steven Diers):

I don’t believe the city should go to garbage totes and 65-gallon recycle totes.

Did you consider the people in your decision or not? It doesn’t seem that way.

We have a lot of elderly people and some people that won’t be able to handle a big cumbersome 65-gallon recycle and another 35-gallon garbage tote.

Also, some don’t have the space for two big totes.

The 22-gallon recycle container is just right to handle, and the bags are better than a big tote to handle.

Most people do not need to keep their recyclables for two weeks. I clean a lot of my recyclables, but the majority of people do not, which means they will have more ants and bugs and possible more stink.

Did you think about the wintertime? It is a lot easier to handle the 22-gallon blue container than it is the monstrous 65-gallon recycle and another 35-65-gallon garbage too. You are just asking for someone to get hurt with the ice and snow. It will be an accident waiting to happen.

Why go from a just-right 22-gallon container to a 65-gallon tote that’s hard to maneuver and from 1 bag of garbage to a container that holds 3 bags?

Most people don’t need that big of containers. It is overkill.