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Letter to the Editor: Supports Schwickerath for supervisor

By Dave Schmidtke, Charles City

Voters in Floyd County will be electing two supervisors from a field of four candidates. Roy Schwickerath is one of the candidates seeking to serve the residents of Floyd County as their supervisor. 

Roy has been of service to others in many capacities in his life. He served as a member of the Charles City Fire Department for 32 years. For part of this tenure he served as fire chief. Roy has participated in various community organizations and offered his help when and where needed.

Roy gained a greater appreciation of the importance of the supervisors’ role in making sound decisions for all citizens of Floyd County, having previously served four years as a Floyd County supervisor. His experience and knowledge were put to good use to help make good decisions for Floyd County residents. He would like the opportunity to put this experience and knowledge back to work in making fiscally responsible and effective outcomes for all of us.

Roy is a good listener and considers all points of view in decision making. He looks forward to resuming participation in the LEC/Court House remodeling project that he was involved in during his previous term. He will seek options that build commercial, industrial, recreational and agricultural businesses in a way that will maintain and enhance our quality of life in Floyd County.

I urge you to put Roy to work for all the citizens in Floyd County by your vote on Nov. 6, 2018. He is qualified and dependable.