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Letter to the Editor: City ducks responsibility for fence damage

By Brian Pound, Charles City homeowner

As a Brit, once a permanent resident of Charles City; ex site manager of the Zoetis site and still a homeowner in the town, making frequent visits to your great community, I was somewhat perturbed when a city snowplow recently wrecked my fence. Of course I fully understand the difficult conditions they work in as we had been in town a few days before it happened.

So what did I do? Of course, I wrote to an old friend in the city hoping that some help or compensation would be forthcoming. Sadly not. Apparently if the snowplow hits the fence, the city will take responsibility, but if the snow pushed by the snowplow causes the damage they will not (act of God or something).

Whilst I can “sort of” understand that perverse logic, I am troubled by the poor eyesight of the city inspector. The sharp line of the blade in the snow obviously ends up hitting the fence, and there is a lack of snow at the point where the damage occurred.

My own team confirms clear marks from the blade on the fence and the fact that the post broke outwards, not something that is easy to do with snow pushing the other way. Perhaps the inspector was snow blind.

So city administrator, I am having the fence repaired at my cost and you’ll hear no more form me, but my constant boast about how wonderful Charles City is will now be a little tainted.

I will have the pictures of the damage framed and the reply excusing responsibility attached. Any future visiting Brits and friends including the hoard of returning Solvay folks visiting in September will all be given a slightly less rosy picture of life in America’s Hometown.

They will now be told the story of the snowplow and wicked men of the city who duck responsibility for their misdemeanors!