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Letter to the Editor: Please don’t steal from Community Garden

By Patricia Petersen, Charles City

My husband and I sold our acreage and moved into Charles City two years ago. Our small lawn doesn’t have much room for vegetable gardening so we were pleased to be able to rent one of the beds at the Charles City Community Gardens.

I’ve enjoyed gardening for many years and many of the tomato and peppers I plant I have started from seed. This has to be done starting in late winter so although it’s something I enjoy, it’s also an investment in time.

This year many of us have had produce stolen from the beds.

I suppose it’s possible that since the sign says ‘Community Gardens’ that someone thinks it’s all right to help themselves. This is not what the sign intends. The beds are available to the community to rent!

It’s very disheartening to spend the time planting and caring for the garden only to find produce stolen and even plants broken in the process.

If someone is hungry I’m sure most of us would be willing to share and if you want to learn how to garden and rent your own bed we are willing teachers, but please have some respect for the property of others and stop taking what isn’t yours!