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Letter to the Editor: Please thank wonderful planter volunteers

By Nancy Clarke, Planter Committee Chairwoman

One of the special aspects of our community are the beautiful planters decorating our parking lots downtown each spring and summer with colorful flowers and decorative plantings.

These are all made possible by an organized group of volunteers, who have turned what once was a neglected eyesore and unintended trash receptacle years ago into a real community asset.

Each year, different individuals, businesses and organizations adopt each of the parking lot planters and take on the responsibility of cleaning them up, planting, watering, weeding and providing on-going care to make them look as wonderful as they do.

They don’t get paid to do so, they do it for their community.

Jeannine Garman got this all started and, along with Ed Duroe and assistance from the Community Revitalization office, have kept it going.

Jeannine and Ed have stepped back from that leadership role for a well-deserved rest, but our great volunteers are keeping it going and hopefully will continue to do so.

On behalf of myself and Community Revitalization, we wish to thank and recognize this year’s planter volunteers: Rose and Dale Lamprecht, Norma Breitbach, Marilyn Buttjer, Jackie Moon, Tami Vetter and The Rustic Corner, Janiece & Bruce Bergland, Cheryl Nootnagel, Yvonne Kisch, Karen Trettin, Charles LeMaster, Mike Brummond, Jim and Laurie Davis, Kim Wilson and Valero, Rick Janssen, Loren Marlette, Cambrex, Larry Michehl, Pamela Mitchell and family, Kip and Judy Hauser, Deb Bauer, Barb Gelner, Ken and Mary Crooks, Ann Schneckloth and Cindy Frascht.

A big thank-you as well for all the assistance from City Street Superintendent Dirk Uetz, former Park & Recreation Director Steve Linderman and his replacement Tyler Mitchell, along with Jim Lundberg, Jodie Johnson and their Charles City FFA students who help grow some of the flowers utilized in the planters.

It should also be noted that the Design Committee of Community Revitalization funds and provides the matching flower pots up and down North Main Street each year that adds to the attractiveness and color of the community.

Thanks again to all who help make Charles City beautiful. Your efforts are both noticed and appreciated!

If anyone is interested in getting involved with this project, please contact the Community Revitalization office at 641-228-2335 or