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Letter to the Editor: Appreciates quick police response on Avenue

By Dennis Niezwaag, Charles City

Very early Sunday morning I drove onto the Avenue of the Saints headed south. I noticed a tractor trailer headed the in same direction, but in the northbound lanes!

There are a lot of demands being placed on truck drivers during this pandemic and I am sure that some drivers are really stressed. I called 911 and as I finished my call the truck’s brake lights came on as the driver realized their mistake.

The truck crossed back over the median into the correct lanes and I called 911 again to update them. I know that it was no longer than 3 minutes from my initial call that a Charles City police car with its emergency lights on went by in the lanes that the truck had recently vacated. As I passed the next exit, another police car was parked at the on-ramp, watching.

I know that these are some difficult times for police officers around the nation and I believe some serious issues need to be dealt with in law enforcement. But it was extremely good to know, in a potentially hazardous and dangerous situation, that there was someone trained and available to call who would respond so promptly.

Many, many thanks to the Charles City Police Department and Floyd County Sheriff’s Department for all that you do!