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Letter to the Editor: Seeks candidates who work for people, not party

By Jim Sanner, Charles City

These last several months have been disheartening in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, ongoing protests and counter-protests over systemic racism in this country and now a contentious political war of words leading up to election day Nov. 3rd. Disheartening and discouraging as it may be, the November election still gives us an opportunity to make a statement, one vote at a time, regardless of outcomes.

Most disappointing has been the failure of leadership at the federal and state levels to put aside political and personal agendas to honestly address these and other issues — issues that should be resolved on the basis of science, compassion and a genuine regard for the common good, regardless of political persuasion, religion, color or gender.

Partisanship in our current political establishment has only stoked the growing cultural divide in this country. Too many of our leaders have been quick to exploit that divide for their own political and personal gain. Shame on them for that. It speaks to a lack of integrity, courage and their commitment to public service.

Though an Independent, I am particularly embarrassed for our Republican representatives at both the state and federal levels for putting party before country. Their failure to engage and confront leadership only enables more of the same. This is unacceptable.

We need leadership, Democrat or Republican, that understands that democracy is not a “winner take all.” It thrives on openness, not inclusiveness. It thrives on compromise.

I look to candidates who pledge or have shown that they can work together. Please do the same. I would also urge voters to vote early, either in person or by mail to avoid delays and the risk of exposure to our ongoing pandemic. Thank you and keep well.