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Letter to the Editor: People should show respect for the flag

By Terry Miller, Charles City

As a member of three veterans organizations, I see a real lack of patriotism in this country now.

I’ve been on honor guards for the VFW and marched in parades in Osage and Newton, Iowa, Las Vegas, Chicago and Baltimore, Maryland.

As we pass by, people don’t take their hats off, salute the flag or hold their hands over their heart. This is very disheartening! People should know enough to show their patriotism when the American flag marches by. Adults should teach their kids about respect for the flag.

My father got shot in Guam in WWII, fighting with the Marines. I was a rifleman in Vietnam for 13 months, My younger brother was a warrant officer in the USMC in Operation Desert Storm. My older brother was a sergeant major in the Army, even working at the Pentagon in his career. My younger brother, who never went in the service, is a homeless alcoholic, who no one has heard from in over 20 years.

The worst thing our government ever did was end the draft, All 18-year-old able-bodied men and women should be required to serve their country for at least two years — if not in the military, in civil service. This teaches you discipline, how to take orders, and to learn to work together and care about other people beside themselves. They also teach respect for the flag and patriotism.

Now on TV we see thousands of people carrying American flags and attacking the national capital in Washington, D.C. What a disgrace for the flag. They all ought to be really ashamed of themselves!

This is a dishonor to a flag which many thousands have died and been grievously wounded for.

Only 1% of American people now serve and protect our country. The so-called civil rights people are so worried about now is why some people, mostly younger people, now refuse to wear a face mask. They think it’s funny.

They will have a mask when they are on a ventilator! Masks are also to protect other people. Have some respect. Quit thinking just about your own agenda.

Anybody who has a flag should fly it, also.