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Community Notes: Parks & Recreation Department eager to start the season

By Tyler Mitchell, Director, Charles City Parks & Recreation Department

Here are some updates on a number of projects the Charles City Parks & Recreation Department has coming up.

WILDWOOD GOLF COURSE — Wildwood golf course has made some changes and is planning on making more changes in the upcoming weeks. We have removed several large trees around the course, some because of shade issues, some for disease reasons, and others because of maintenance reasons.

We have removed sand bunkers that were in poor shape, and we also plan on replacing the existing sand in the other bunkers.

Community Notes: Parks & Recreation Department eager to start the season
Tyler Mitchell

Last fall we started working on the erosion issue on hole No. 2. We removed the wall that was falling down, leveled the hill, and placed rip-rap in the gully. This spring we plan to continue working on this issue.

Wildwood and the YMCA will be hosting a golf clinic for ages 7-12. There will be two sessions, one in June and the other in July. Each session will be six days and will be held over the span of two weeks. Sign-up sheets will be available at the YMCA in May.

We found that a majority of golfers liked having tee times last season. We plan to use tee times this year, but they are not required to golf.

Check out our Facebook page for updates on tournaments, couple nights and anything else that maybe happening at Wildwood Municipal Golf Course this year.

SUMMER PROJECTS — The Parks and Recreation Department is planning on doing a number of small projects this year. The biggest project is going to be resurfacing the pickleball courts at Sportsman’s Park.

Restroom renovations will start happening at a number of parks this summer. This will include new toilets, hand towel dispensers, stall dividers, and more.

New parking posts were installed last fall at Lion’s Field ball diamonds. We plan on replacing more posts throughout the parks this summer.

Bleachers at Lion’s Field, Sportsman’s Park and Westwood will have sections replaced and painted. More projects will be coming throughout the year.

SWIMMING POOL — Last year we were not able to open the pool due to Covid-19. This summer we are excited to be opening the pool.

We have a newly refurbished slide that will be operating all summer, two basketball hoops, and a limited number of deck chairs for the public use.

The goal is to have the swimming pool open Memorial Day weekend, but weather and other circumstances could push the opening day back.

Swimming lessons will be taking place again this year. You will be able to find registration forms by going onto the city’s Website and looking under the Parks and Recreation Department.

Forms will be posted mid to late April. You will be able to turn registrations into City Hall beginning May 18th.

The Parks and Recreation Department will also be offering a Water Zumba Class this year. The tentative schedule will be, Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm, and also on Saturdays at 11am.

OTHER NOTES — You may notice that the grass in the parks is getting mowed at a higher height this year. We are going to be raising the height of the mowers to benefit the parks.

Higher mowing heights will help with the grass roots’ growth, lowers the number of weeds that will be able to come through with higher grass heights, and will also help the longevity of our mowers. With higher mowing heights, mowers will be less likely to scalp the ground and will reduce the amount of damage to the mowers.

The Charlie Western Trail Bridge is anticipated to be completed and ready for use by late summer into fall. We plan to get more information out to the public this year. Check the city website and Facebook page for updates on the Charlie Western Bridge.

We are excited to get the 2021 season started.

FOR MORE INFORMATION — Check out the Charles City Facebook Page at; or the Wildwood Golf Course page at

Or go to the Charles City website,, and click on Parks & Recreation Department under the “Departments” tab.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know at City Hall. My email is, or you can give me a call at 641-257-6312.

Have a great day!

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