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Letters to the Editor: Questions auditorium loss; opposes CO2 pipeline

Questions loss of auditorium

By Warren Dunkel, Charles City

Twenty-plus years ago many of us gave about $100,000 for new seats (for the North Grand Auditorium). This auditorium is a huge community asset.

How did the school board justify letting it go? Now we’re asked to dig deep into our pockets, after doing the train station, to give more. Is anybody accountable for stupidity?  I guess it’s really difficult to do cause-and-effect. We sell the North grand building, we lose the beautiful auditorium. Dig deep so we can find someplace to build a new replacement.

What’s wrong with this picture? In light of the fact that our taxes it’s going sky high for the county and the schools! I wonder if the people asking for the cash realize what’s going on on the daily lives of the people who normally find in their heart the desire to give?

Opposed to carbon dioxide pipeline

By Jim Gambaiani, Charles City

Landowners beware!

This letter is in regard to the proposed pipeline going through Floyd County. This private Texas company plans to pump hazardous liquid through our farmland and across our property, cutting drainage tile and terraces. The drainage tile will not work like before they were cut due to ground settling. The pipeline will disrupt our farming and our lives in many negative ways in years to come.

Carbon dioxide is a deadly gas. I am opposed to this pipeline going through our property and to granting them the power of eminent domain. That law is made for utility companies, not private companies.

Landowners, check out what happened in Sataria, Mississippi, after their pipeline ruptured.

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