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Comets take 2nd to top-ranked Go-Hawks at NEIC Wrestling Meet

Comets take 2nd to top-ranked Go-Hawks at NEIC Wrestling Meet
Press photo by John Burbridge
Charles City junior Alec Staudt battles Crestwood’s Clay Schemmel on way to earning a 9-3 decision in the 138-pound final.

By John Burbridge

CRESCO — With Waverly-Shell Rock being the lone Class 3A team amid the seven-team field not to mention the state’s top-ranked Class 3A team, the Northeast Iowa Conference Wrestling Tournament was in essence a race for second place.

And the Charles City Comets won that race as they managed to hold off meet hosts Crestwood — which was nipping at their heels going into the semis and final rounds — by 7 team points (197-190) for runner-up status.

The Go-Hawks, boasting eight bracket champions, compiled 264 team points for their 15th NEIC title in 16 years.

The Comets advanced five wrestlers to the championship round and claimed two bracket titles.

Charles City junior and returning state qualifier Alec Staudt defeated Clay Schemmel with a 9-3 decision to win the 138-pound bracket. It was Staudt’s 20th win of the season as his record going into sectionals is 20-4. It was also his first NEIC title after placing fourth at 126 last year.

Charles City junior Caden Collins also claimed his first conference title after pinning Decorah’s Elijah Mitchell 2:25 into their 182-pound championship match. Collins improved to 23-5 for the season.

Charles City was close to winning a third title when Comet senior Elliott Sinnwell battled Waverly-Shell Rock’s McCrae Hagarty in the 170-pound final. The bout was tied at 2-2 going into the third period. McCrea optioned to take the down position and eventually escaped to take the lead. Though there was still plenty of time in the period, Sinnwell couldn’t get the takedown needed for the win.

Charles City freshman Gage Kilby advanced to the 113-pound final where he faced top seed and 2019 106-pound state champion Carter Fousek of Crestwood. Fousek recorded a fall 2:33 into the bout.

Comet sophomore heavyweight Chase Crooks, who busted the bracket a little with a 3-0 decision win over No. 2-seed and returning state qualifier Wyatt Scheidel of Crestwood in the semis, faced No. 1-seed Luke Walker of Waverly-Shell Rock in the final. Walker won his team’s eighth title with a 4-0 decision.

Charles City had four wrestlers win their consolation finals for third place in their respective brackets. They included senior Bronson Forsyth at 132, junior Roush Jaeger at 152; senior Jack Sindlinger at 195, and sophomore Tino Tamayo at 220.

Other Go-Hawk champions included freshman Ryder Block at 106, junior Bailey Roybal at 120, sophomore Carter Fecht at 126, sophomore Aiden Riggins at 132, senior Evan Yant at 152 and senior Brayden Wolf at 220.

Others NEIC champions included Decorah junior Jackson Rolfs at 145, and New Hampton/Turkey Valley junior Carson Babcock at 160.

Northeast Iowa Conference
Team Standings

1. Waverly-Shell Rock 264, 2. Charles City 197, 3. Crestwood 190, 4. New Hampton/Turkey Valley 153, 5. Decorah 139, 6. Oelwein 83, 7. Waukon 67
Charles City Individual Results
113: Gage Kilby (Charles City) – 2nd

Varsity – Quarterfinals – Gage Kilby (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Gage Kilby (Charles City) over Alex Philo (NH/TV) (Fall 1:33)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Carter Fousek (Crestwood, Cresco) over Gage Kilby (Charles City) (Fall 2:33)
132: Bronson Forsyth (Charles City) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Bronson Forsyth (Charles City) over Alex Kriener (NH/TV) (MD 15-4)
Varsity – Semifinals – Aiden Riggins (Waverly-Shell Rock) over Bronson Forsyth (Charles City) (TF 18-1 3:35)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Bronson Forsyth (Charles City) over Sojidin Gulmamadov (Oelwein) (Fall 3:38)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Bronson Forsyth (Charles City) over Brady Stille (Decorah) (MD 13-4)
138: Alec Staudt (Charles City) – 1st
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Alec Staudt (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Alec Staudt (Charles City) over Andrew Roete (Oelwein) (Fall 0:24)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Alec Staudt (Charles City) over Clay Schemmel (Crestwood, Cresco) (Dec 9-3)
145: Kayden Blunt (Charles City) – 6th
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Trent Pisney (Crestwood, Cresco) over Kayden Blunt (Charles City) (Fall 3:31)
Varsity – Cons. Round 1 – Kayden Blunt (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Leighton Patterson (Oelwein) over Kayden Blunt (Charles City) (Fall 5:15)
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Trent Pisney (Crestwood, Cresco) over Kayden Blunt (Charles City) (Fall 1:24)
152: Roush Jaeger (Charles City) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Roush Jaeger (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Hunter Pesek (NH/TV) over Roush Jaeger (Charles City) (Dec 11-9)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Roush Jaeger (Charles City) over Austin Perry (Oelwein) (Fall 1:43)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Roush Jaeger (Charles City) over Ashton Howe (Crestwood, Cresco) (Fall 3:17)
170: Elliott Sinnwell (Charles City) – 2nd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Elliott Sinnwell (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Elliott Sinnwell (Charles City) over Landen Schemmel (Crestwood, Cresco) (Fall 5:23)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – McCrae Hagarty (Waverly-Shell Rock) over Elliott Sinnwell (Charles City) (Dec 3-2)
182: Caden Collins (Charles City) – 1st
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Caden Collins (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Caden Collins (Charles City) over Jentry Staack (Waverly-Shell Rock) (Dec 6-0)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Caden Collins (Charles City) over Elijah Mitchell (Decorah) (Fall 2:35)
195: Jack Sindlinger (Charles City) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Jack Sindlinger (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Jake Walker (Waverly-Shell Rock) over Jack Sindlinger (Charles City) (Dec 10-3)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Jack Sindlinger (Charles City) over Tanner Kiel (Waukon) (Fall 3:10)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Jack Sindlinger (Charles City) over Brandon Gulrud (Decorah) (Fall 1:16)
220: Tino Tamayo (Charles City) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Tino Tamayo (Charles City) over Austin Hemann (NH/TV) (Fall 3:18)
Varsity – Semifinals – Brayden Wolf (Waverly-Shell Rock) over Tino Tamayo (Charles City) (Fall 3:24)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Tino Tamayo (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Tino Tamayo (Charles City) over Cooper Smock (Oelwein) (Dec 8-1)
285: Chase Crooks (Charles City) – 2nd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Chase Crooks (Charles City) over Caden Keck (Decorah) (Fall 0:37)
Varsity – Semifinals – Chase Crooks (Charles City) over Wyatt Scheidel (Crestwood, Cresco) (Dec 3-0)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Luke Walker (Waverly-Shell Rock) over Chase Crooks (Charles City) (Dec 4-0)
126: Nathan Lopez (Charles City) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Marcus Gibbs (Waukon) over Nathan Lopez (Charles City) (Fall 5:34)
Varsity – Cons. Round 1 – Nathan Lopez (Charles City) over Brady Speltz (NH/TV) (Fall 3:45)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Nathan Lopez (Charles City) over Lane Rolfs (Decorah) (Dec 5-0)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Marcus Gibbs (Waukon) over Nathan Lopez (Charles City) (Fall 1:22)
160: Ethan Peterson (Charles City) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Ethan Peterson (Charles City) over Johnny Buehler (Oelwein) (Fall 3:05)
Varsity – Semifinals – Carson Babcock (NH/TV) over Ethan Peterson (Charles City) (Fall 1:45)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Ethan Peterson (Charles City) over Nathan Johnson (Waukon) (Dec 3-0)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Garrett Lovstuen (Decorah) over Ethan Peterson (Charles City) (Fall 2:53)

120: Drew Staudt (Charles City) – DNP

Varsity – Quarterfinals – Austin Wilkins (Decorah) over Drew Staudt (Charles City) (Fall 5:11)
Varsity – Cons. Round 1 – Drew Staudt (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Carsen Jeanes (Oelwein) over Drew Staudt (Charles City) (Fall 3:33)
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Owen Malone (Waukon) over Drew Staudt (Charles City) (Fall 0:55)
106: Jacob Vais (Charles City) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Peyton Anderson (NH/TV) over Jacob Vais (Charles City) (MD 9-0)
Varsity – Cons. Round 1 – Jacob Vais (Charles City) received a bye
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Jakob Regan (Waukon) over Jacob Vais (Charles City) (Fall 1:57)
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Jacob Vais (Charles City) received a bye