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Super Shootin’

Kaleb Nauman wins 8 Ball and 9 Ball singles titles at Hot Shots' Super Bowl Weekend Pool Tournament

Super Shootin'
Press photo by John Burbridge
Ky Knapp lines up a shot during the 8 Ball Doubles competition as part of the Super Bowl Weekend Pool Tournament held at Hot Shots Billiards. With Chris Tuttle, Knapp placed fourth in 8 Ball Doubles after placing second in 8 Ball Singles and fourth in 9 Ball Singles.

By John Burbridge

CHARLES CITY — There’s a downside to winning.


For example, football teams successful enough to earn first-round byes in the playoffs can only hope the week-off rust won’t be a factor in facing upstarts with celebratory momentum on their side.

Another example was when Hot Shots Billiards owner Joe Hull went undefeated through the winners’-side bracket in 9-Ball Singles as part of the annual Super Bowl Weekend Pool Tournament his establishment hosted last weekend, and had to wait … and wait … and wait until the losers’-side produced a survivor to face him in the championship round.

And that’s when he got Kaleb Nauman.

“I think I just ran out of steam,” Hull said of losing to Nauman, who “double-dipped” him … meaning winning twice for the title when Hull only needed to win one series to clinch.

The night … or rather wee morning before … Nauman won the 8-Ball Singles bracket.

“He’s a good player,” Hull said of Nauman, who placed second in 8-Ball Singles at the John Stewart Memorial Thanksgiving Tournament, another annual major holiday competition hosted by Hot Shots.

Hull, who organized the tourney, didn’t compete in 8-Ball Singles due to its bracket being already extended past 32 players.

“Usually, we get a few no-shows and can fit in a few players who didn’t sign up in time,” Hull said, “but everyone who registered showed up for 8-Ball, which usually never happens.

“We also had some players who normally come here for our Friday night tournaments, and they wanted to play. So we decided to open things up and wound up with 37 players.”

Rounding out the top four in 8-Ball were Ky Knapp (2nd), Trent Anderson (3rd) and Joe Alvarez (4th).

Rounding out the top four in 9-Ball — which had a field of 26 players — were Charles Becker (3rd) and Knapp (4th).

The 8-Ball Doubles bracket was played on Super Bowl Sunday. Though there were only 15 teams — down from past tourneys — play still spilled into Super Bowl Monday with Hull and Justin Stewart placing first followed by Matt Varner/Danny Varner (2nd), Clint Benson/Chris Campbell (3rd) and Knapp/Chris Tuttle (4th).

The next major pool tournament at Hot Shots is a King and Queen Couples Scotch Doubles 8 Ball Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 15. For more information, call 641-228-2001.