Supervisors set hearing for dangerous dog ordinance, discuss property bids

By Bob Steenson, 

Floyd County supervisors set a public hearing for a proposed dangerous dog ordinance at their meeting Tuesday morning, but spent little time discussing the proposal after having talked about it briefly at a planning session Monday.

The hearing will be 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The ordinance sets provisions to have a dog declared dangerous or potentially dangerous, sets requirements for dealing with such a dog, and sets potential criminal or civil penalties for violating the ordinance.

Here is a complete copy of the proposed ordinance: Floyd Co Proposed Dog Ordinance.

The supervisors also discussed bids for demolishing and removing an abandoned home at 1726 Woodland Drive, the property formerly known as the Hummel property.

The county recently acquired the title to the land after property taxes went unpaid, and advertised for bids to clear the property.

One of the supervisors, however, abstained from the discussion and any votes on the matter because he was involved in one of the bids.

One bid was submitted by Jean Ann Kamm of JAK LLC. Kamm is the wife of Doug Kamm, the supervisor chairman, who owns Kamm Excavating Corp.

Kamm’s bid was to clear the property in return for title to the land, with no money exchanging hands.

Other bids were from Downing Excavating LLC of Charles City, for $13,895, and from Cole Excavating of Greene, for $11,800.

Supervisor Linda Tjaden said Kamm’s bid presented an “intriguing” opportunity, since the goal of the county would be to sell the property once it is cleared.

“We could accomplish two things here,” she said.

Jeff Sherman, the county environmental health administrator, said the property had been assessed as worth $14,000.

Tjaden and Supervisor Mark Kuhn decided to table the decision on the bids to give them an opportunity to consult the county attorney regarding Kamm’s proposal during a future workshop meeting. They also tabled discussion on abating property taxes on the parcel of land.

Also at the meeting Tuesday, supervisors:

• Set a public hearing for 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26, on the sale of a parcel of land in Rockford that used to be part of a roadway. Stacey Jones of Sheffield offered $250 for the property.

• Set 2 p.m. Friday as the time to canvass the results of the school district elections that took place Tuesday.

• Authorized the county engineer to purchase 5.71 acres of right-of-way from Chuck and Karen Franke for a 2018 bridge project near their residence, for a total of $22,000 plus $150 to update the title.

• Received the county engineer’s annual report, which is also sent to the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The report shows the department spent $462,554 on administration and engineering; $705,459 on construction; $3.078 million on roadway maintenance, including $349,882 for snow and ice control; and $1.811 million on general roadway expenditures, for a total department expenditure of $6.057 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.

The department received $5.932 million in receipts, including $1.131 million in rural basic property taxes, $103,732 in general basic property taxes, $688,109 in local option sales taxes and $3.247 million in regular road use tax funds.

The engineering department started the year with a balance of $4.138 million and ended the year with $4.014 million.