Letter to the Editor: Keep bag option for city garbage pickup

By Jolene Patterson, Charles City

I want to take a minute to voice my opinion in regard to the probability of a new policy for garbage pickup. I am hoping Jendro’s and the City Council will give each household the opportunity to determine what works best for them.

In my situation, I feel buying/using bags fits my needs best. I put a 33-gallon bag out for pickup approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. My bags are much less than the 50-pound weight limit allowed. I have no difficulty carrying them from the garage, located in the alley, to the curb out front.

I don’t have a problem with critters as I faithfully use my garbage disposal for food waste when possible and wrap anything with an odor in plastic before placing it in the trash. I put my garbage bag on top of my recycle bin on pickup day to try to eliminate critters from tearing my bag open. So far that seems to work!

I agree purchasing bags gives more incentive to recycling and this system is the cheaper route to go for low volume garbage.

I use approximately 15 bags a year at a cost of approximately $23 annually. This is much less than the “monthly lump sum” charge to use the 35-gallon tote at $138 to $162 annually. The cost for the new proposed garbage policy is much more expensive than the current system per month for my household.

As far as the totes go, I do not have room in my garage for the smaller garbage tote and the 65-gallon recycling tote. I am very much opposed to placing garbage totes and recycling totes outside next to the garage or house. I know everyone has trash, however, I disagree with placing trash in public view other than on our scheduled garbage day.

I realize each household is different as far as whether they participate in recycling or not and how much trash they have to dispose of. I certainly hope the bag system will stay in place for those of us who have lower volume.

I understand bags are more work for Jendro’s. However, I’m sure the bigger households would benefit more from the tote system than the smaller households. Therefore, Jendro’s would have fewer bags to pick up on a route, making it possible to have only one person on a truck.