Letter to the Editor: The First Amendment trumps everything

By Steve Hanson, Charles City

Here’s the thing. This whole NFL national anthem flap is, like it or not, connected to white privilege. People angry over this are those who think these players, the majority of whom are black, should just shut up, do what they’re told and appreciate what they’ve got.

What these angry people do not understand is what it’s like to live black in the US. Racism is alive and well, and it’s simply naive to think otherwise.

And remember, we’re not really free if we are expected to swear allegiance or stand for the anthem. (Ever read some world history?)

And if our soldiers fought for our freedom, of which we are constantly reminded, then foremost among those freedoms is the First Amendment. And it, my friends, trumps everything else. (No pun intended).

Is it “nice” to stand? Is it “respectful?” Yes. But should it be required? No. Should people be punished for not doing it? No.

The moment you answer yes to these questions, we are less free.