Letter to the Editor: Lovik will get things done

Kathy Schafer, Charles City

I really like and enjoy new things. I also enjoy shopping for new and exciting things. I don’t think I am alone in that respect. Some old things are OK, but after a while it’s time for a change.

That not only pertains to our everyday lives, but also in our government. There are a lot of people that think running towns and the country is best left up to us older people. After all, we have lived longer and know what is best, right?

Wrong. Older isn’t always better. Young people have fresh ideas. Though many don’t express how unhappy they are with the world, they do have an opinion, and some speak out and want to help change things.

Our town has been run for many years with the same thoughts and type of leadership. We have attracted a few businesses and people but have also lost many.

Are our kids getting the best education possible? I think we could improve that . Do we have all the shops and businesses we need? Never!

Can we walk down the street without being harmed or worse? I hope so, but not sure there, either.

Who better to ask than law enforcement.

Matt Lovik, is a Floyd County deputy. He is running for the office of mayor in Charles City. He is aware of the crime in our town and is ready to tackle it and find a solution.

If you don’t think we have problems you won’t be trying to find ways to improve. He has not been on the City Council but has been out working in the community and is aware of what we need.

Matt knows we have a basically good town and community, but he has his eyes open to the problems we do have. We need more job opportunities. We need more affordable housing. We also need more people to move into our community.

With new leadership we can grow in the right direction. Don’t let his young age stop you from voting for the only logical choice on the ballet.

Elect Matt Lovik our next mayor. He will get things done!