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GALLERY: Jazz on the River

  • Isaak Jensen and Karissa Jensen trade off solo time.

  • Issac Wink steps up to the microphone on alto sax.

  • McKenzie White performs a tenor saxophone solo on Saturday afternoon

  • Makenna Jensen stands for her baritone solo with North Grand Jazz Band, the middle school ensemble.

  • Jacob Nixt waits for his trombone solo in the brass section.

  • North Grand Jazz Band is front and center during Saturday's spring concert as the high school waits in the background.

  • Cari Groesbeck and Carter West hold with the brass section during one of the high school's five pieces.

Charles City’s middle school and high school jazz bands took advantage of warm and sunny weather on Saturday afternoon, holding their annual Spring Jazz Concert in the amphitheater along the Cedar River. Out of six years that the concert has been running, director Jake Gassman said, this is only the second year the bands have performed outdoors –– without intervention from rain, snow or flooding.