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CCHS artists show their stuff at CCAC

By James Grob,

The artists of the month of April at the Charles City Arts Center are the students.

Charles City High School artists were honored with a reception at the CCAC on Thursday, and the public came to view the art, meet and talk with the students and enjoy some refreshments. The student art will be on display all month.

“It definitely is cool to see my artwork and other people’s artwork in a gallery like this,” said senior Ryan Zuspan, whose pottery work won “Best In Show” at the exhibit. “It’s great to answer questions about what I love to do and what I’m passionate about.”

The high school art show has been going on in Charles City for well over 30 years, and has become something of a tradition at the CCAC. The student work is typically judged by local artists.

Zuspan’s egg-shaped pottery piece, with a gold top and turquoise base, was named best piece overall.
Artists receiving honors for their work were Claudio Uriostegui, Libbie McKeag, Sydney Ross and Danielle Stock in 2D art; Zuspan and J.J. Ritter in 3D Art; and Teneisha Fisher, Marcus Crenshaw and Priscilla Arenas in photography.

Honorable mention nods went to pieces by Norma Hernandez, Ashley Reed, Kiki Connell, Zuspan and Uriostegui.

“I wasn’t expecting ‘Best in Show,’ but I was definitely expecting some kind of prize or honor,” said Zuspan. “This is only my third year of wheel pottery. I guess it’s just a knack that I have.”

The artists are in grades 9-12, and a variety of art disciplines were on display, including drawings, paintings, pottery and photography.

“These are dedicated kids,” said CCHS art teacher Tia McInroy. “We showcase the kids who put the hard work and effort in.”

Fellow art teacher Brian Bohlen said the artwork is a sampling of some of the best work through the school year.

“Kids get excited about this and they work toward this art show for the entire year,” he said.

Zuspan said that he is interested into going art as a career.

“I’m definitely going to go to college to major in art education — just like Brian Bohlen,” he said. “I want to follow in his footsteps.”

He said that successfully working with the clay on a pottery wheel is a very satisfying feeling.

“My favorite part about pottery is the satisfaction of being able to pull it into whatever I want,” Zuspan said. “Even if I mess up I can make it into something else.”

Although pottery is his main mode, Zuspan said he knows he needs to improve in other areas of art.

“I’m not all that good at drawing, but I’m decent,” he said. “I’ve taken painting and drawing classes, and I’ve taken an AP studio art class where we work with all types of mediums.”

CCAC High School Art Show

Best in Show — Ryan Zuspan

2D Art — 1. (Tie) Claudio Uriostegui and Libbie McKeag; 2. Sydney Ross; 3. Danielle Stock.

3D Art — 1. Ryan Zuspan; 2. Ryan Zuspan; 3. J.J. Ritter.

Photography — 1. Teneisha Fisher; 2. Marcus Crenshaw; 3.Priscilla Arenas.

Honorable Mention — Norma Hernandez, Ashley Reed, Kiki Connell, Ryan Zuspan, Claudio Uriostegui.