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Press to publish twice a week for a while

Temporary action during efforts to fight coronavirus

From the publisher:

Effective Monday, March 30, the Charles City Press will temporarily go to a twice-a-week publication schedule in response to the novel coronavirus, producing newspapers for Tuesdays and Fridays.

We realize the important role we play in the community, keeping our readers informed about what is going on in their neighborhoods, in their schools and governments, and we will perform that role as aggressively as ever.

However, an important part of our mission is to also provide a way for businesses and organizations to communicate effectively with their customers and the public. Many of those businesses, schools and other groups have been temporarily closed or significantly scaled back and activities canceled because of the efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

We need to take this step to do our part in letting our staff stay at home to follow the health experts’ guidance in dealing with COVID-19, and also to ensure that the Press can endure to come back as a Monday-through-Friday newspaper as strong as ever when the virus mitigation steps have eased.

We have every intent of resuming as a daily newspaper when this is over.

In addition to the Tuesday and Friday print editions of the Press, news will be posted as it develops throughout the week on

Thank you for your support and your understanding in this unusual situation.

— Christopher Hall
Publisher and Co-Owner
Charles City Press