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Publisher: Charles City Press will add issues to current subscriptions, begin new subscription method

Press Staff Report

Many subscribers have had questions since the Press made the decision to go from daily publication to twice-weekly publication when the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact area businesses and activities.

Press publisher and co-owner Christopher Hall provides answers to those questions.

“We will be staying with two-days-a-week publication for the foreseeable future,” Hall said. “We have intentions of going back to five days a week after the COVID crisis is over, events start opening up, restrictions are lifted and customers start frequenting our advertisers.”

In the meantime, he said, the newspaper’s circulation department is contacting all subscribers either by phone or by mail to give them information on their subscriptions. Customers with subscriptions that are expiring the soonest will be contacted first.

All subscriptions will have extra issues added to extend their previous expiration date, Hall said.

“If you have not received notification from our circulation department, it is coming,” he said.

In addition, the newspaper is now selling new or renewal subscriptions based on issues rather than time.

For example, the newspaper has started its annual Ridiculous Days special and will be selling a 104-issue subscription for $78, or a 52-issue subscription for $44.

“If we stay at twice a week, 104 issues will last a year, Hall said. “If and when we go back to five issues a week that will be used up considerably quicker.”

Bob Steenson, Press editor, said the paper has worked hard to continue providing all the news its readers rely on throughout each week.

“We’re still covering the meetings, going to the events, telling you what’s going on in Charles City and Floyd County,” he said. “Most of our twice-weekly papers have had extra pages for news added.”

In addition, the paper publishes news on its website,, throughout the week.

Hall said, “We look forward to things opening up and getting back to five days a week as soon as we can, as soon as it makes sense. In the meantime, we appreciate you sticking with us and being loyal subscribers of the Charles City Press.”