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Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, July 24

Column should have had both sides

By Lori Weiss, Greene

All can say is I am so irate by the (column) James Grob wrote in the Press on Thursday (July 18). … Why is he not writing about the full truth about what started this all? … In my eyes he is part of the problem in the way the country is.

Why is he not writing about Omar and things she said that has lead up to this point, or has done, such as she most likely lied about her legal filing for divorce, or demonetization of Israel, or even anti-Semitic words she spoke?

And what about Ayanna Pressley: “We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” Is that not racist and tossing the racist card around?

And what about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, talking about Pelosi being a racist, and how she lied about what is happening at the border?

So in the end I am saying why not the full truth about everything not being told and why is it just one sided? …

At times I do not agree with how Trump does speak, and I wish he would have said it differently, but when talking about something, all angles of the whole story need to be told, not just one-sided.

Liberal agenda still not acceptable

By Warren Dunkel, Charles City

Thank you, Mr. Grob, for your opinion “Trump” hit piece.

I would like to point out much of your unhappiness about President Trump also fits your liberal friends and current candidates: womanizing, sexual misconduct, multiple marriages, vast wealth, wedlock child, draft-dodging and white privilege.

Please recall President Trump got elected because the liberal candidate and agenda were not acceptable to the voters. Today that liberal agenda still is not acceptable.

Well-written and thought-provoking

By Karen Thomas, Charles City

Thumbs up to James Grob regarding his column titled “You can love it or leave it, if your name is Trump,” on July 18.
It was well-written and thought-provoking.

Hotline to report child sexual abuse

By Sen. Janet Petersen, Iowa Senate Democratic Leader

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office recently established a toll-free hotline for adult survivors to report child sexual abuse, especially by spiritual leaders and clergy.

To report past sexual abuse, Iowans can call 855-620-7000 to speak with a trained advocate. Alternatively, they can submit the online form at

This is an important step to ensure justice, prevent future abuse and provide the support victims deserve.
Anybody experiencing current or ongoing abuse should call local law enforcement immediately.

In addition, survivors of all types of crime can get free, confidential support and referrals from the Iowa Victim Service Call Center. Call 800-770-1650, text “IOWAHELP” to 20121 or go online to for information on services throughout the state.