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Letters to the Editor

Supports Prichard’s stand on education

By Bob Durrwachter, Charles City

I could tell you a story about Todd Prichard stealing cherries from my tree, but it wouldn’t be true. He asked and I told him to help himself. They were tart pie cherries, so he didn’t eat very many.

But I can tell you about how Todd and I agree on the importance of funding public education. Public education is the highest priority of any government. An informed and educated electorate is critical to keeping our democracy intact.

Public schools need to be funded to properly compensate teachers, to provide continuous training and ensure teachers have resources. Classroom sizes need to be reduced to improve the student-teacher ratio.

And there is a good reason to focus on the teachers, because what’s good for teachers is good for students.

Todd recognizes the importance of funding public schools, and under Todd’s leadership, we will have improved public school funding and better schools.

Brown helps make state a better place

By Leonard and Wendy Luft, Charles City

For many years, politicians at the Iowa Capitol seemed to spend more time bickering and arguing than actually accomplishing anything for the people they claimed to represent.

While some of our own representatives were unable to work with their colleagues across the aisle to get legislation passed, Sen. Waylon Brown was working on legislation to help families and farmers in our communities, and help make our state a better place for everyone.

In his very first term as an elected official at the state capitol, Sen. Waylon Brown has passed legislation to help make our state a better place for everyone. Not only did he support the largest income tax cut for working families in Iowa history, he also brought more transparency to the property tax process.

We worked very closely with Sen. Brown as he passed “Logan’s Law,” named after our son, Logan Luft from Charles City, who was killed in an ATV accident. This bill allows individuals to put whether they’d like to be an organ, eye, or tissue donor on their state hunting and fishing license.

He has also passed legislation to reduce barriers to employment and help give people a second chance in life through professional licensing reform. He helped pass legislation to give Iowans more options for health insurance and coverage for small businesses or sole proprietors.

Working with Sen. Waylon on Logan’s Law we learned first-hand what kind of compassionate and caring man he is. He is always available and genuinely listens to our needs. Be assured that he cares about all his constituents and we feel confident Sen. Brown has all our best interests in mind when he’s at the Capitol.

Despite your political affiliation, we strongly urge everyone to join us in supporting him and give him your vote in the upcoming election.

Prichard is right choice for Iowa House

By Susan Nelson, Marble Rock

Ballots are being mailed, and there are a lot of candidates on the ballot. To represent Floyd and Chickasaw counties in the Iowa House, we have two choices.

Todd Prichard has represented this district since 2013. He is a lawyer and former prosecutor, who has a small law firm in Charles City. He also serves as a battalion commander in the Army Reserve, and his service has included an extended tour of duty in Iraq.

He is married to Ann, a teacher, and has three children in Charles City schools. His fellow legislators recognized his leadership and hard work by choosing him as the leader of his caucus in Des Moines.

Craig Clark is the other candidate for this position. The voters have rejected his three previous campaigns for this position, and they were right. Mr. Clark does not offer a solid background of public service, but instead a personal history, in public records, that does not inspire confidence. …

Todd Prichard works hard to represent everyone in his district, no matter how they vote. He has a strong record of accomplishments, and he deserves to be reelected.

Should be a penalty for lying in political ads

By David Paulus, Floyd

Enough already. If you or your party needs to lie about your opponent, perhaps you need a better candidate. One Iowa Congresswoman, Abby Finkenauer, is going to close, depending on the ad, 52 or 40 or 17 rural hospitals. The ads aren’t in agreement on how many.

The Iowa Legislature declined to properly fund rural hospitals, forcing Floyd County to add taxes to fund our local hospital. In Minnesota one U.S. Congressional candidate also is going to close rural hospitals. He is “going to take your guns,” Sound familiar? Same lie was told four years ago in Iowa Senate District 26 about Mary Jo Wilhelm.

There needs to be some punishment for deliberately lying or misleading to get elected. Disqualification? Vote!