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Letter to the Editor: Mask mandate tough to enforce

By Barb Burton, Charles City

I want to thank our county supervisors for their tremendous help with us at Public Health. It has not been easy this past year. We have all struggled.

The public does not understand how difficult it is to make everyone happy. It is an impossible job, and thankless, but we still keep trying.

Shame on Mark Kuhn for his involving the state board (Iowa Public Information Board) because he didn’t get his way.

Have you noticed signs in all the business that say wear a mask, and you still see people not wearing them? We do not have enough employees to “man” the doors of every public building, to monitor a mask mandate, nor could you pay anyone enough money to confront people.

So Mark, if you have nothing else to do but stir up trouble, I nominate you to be the person to be the head of the mask patrol. Let us know how it goes.