GALLERY: The rightful place for Carrie Lane Chapman Catt

The Floyd County Courthouse had a courtroom on Wednesday as high school students, county residents and the National 19th Amendment Society celebrated Carrie Lane Chapman Catt’s life and accomplishments. Chapman Catt now has a place of honor within the courthouse, next to the U.S. Constitution and across the hall from Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. Before her two portraits were officially raised, high school students, county officials, a dramatic interpreter and Chapman Catt’s great-great niece Ivadelle Stevenson had all shared the meaning of Chapman Catt’s dedication to women’s suffrage.

Essays and projects contributed by high school students will be on display at the Carrie Lane Chapman Catt Girlhood Home all summer, 19th Amendment Society Susan Jacobs said after the event. The museum will be open for seasonal hours again beginning on May 28.